City Of Columbia, Local Businesses Continue With Great Success From American Rescue Plan Act

The City of Columbia continues to have great success with their local business improvement program through funding that was received from the American Rescue Plan Act.

In the first year (2022) approximately fifteen applications were processed; and, close to fifty applications have been processed or are in-process from 2023; and, another around thirty processed this year.

Due to the response; and, the allocation of funding the application process has been suspended.

“We appreciate the response from the community and local businesses,” stated Mayor Pamela Hoots. “We want to ensure that the funding is available for these businesses that have submitted applications.”

Just a reminder, if approved you must be a licensed business and current on any property taxes in the city limits of Columbia.

The city pays from paid receipts on the projects completed. For further information, contact City Hall.

(Tiffany Collins – City of Columbia)